Question 1: I've tried so many programmes in the past, what makes this one different?

Firstly, we've been there! We've also tried, tested and failed at plenty of plans, programmes and trends in the Fitness Industry.  What makes Nats Levi's 4  week challenge #NLC different is that this is the only programme that takes into account your individualised hormonal state.  Hormones are powerful, when out of balance they can be the reason that your body REFUSES to change, no matter how much effort and commitment is put in.

Question 2: Do I need to have any previous exercise experience?

Absolutely not! The programmes are tailored to you, no matter the experience you have or do not have in exercise.

Question 3: I've got special dietary requirements like GF and DF, do you have options for me?

Absolutely! Tailoring the guides to you as an individual is key to your success, dietary requirements included. Nats Levi is all about community and allied Health professionals, also known as friends. On staff as a "friend" and part of the Nats Levi Community is a Qualified Nutritionist and Dietician.

Question 4: I'm stuck/lost my mojo... is there any support?

Totally! One of the secrets to Nats Levi's success with clients is the level of invaluable support. There is a a direct e mail link to Nats Levi herself as well as a Facebook support group, exclusively for other ladies following the Nats Levi Challenge too.  Nats will be doing weekly motivational pieces and FB live on this support group. You also get a 1:1 coaching call with Nats to talk through any issues EVERY WEEK of the challenge. There is also a catalogue of footage visually showing all of the moves in the program AND if you can get to Auckland, there will be GROUP sessions you can opt to attend. 

Question 5: What if I have an injury?

No problem, as a qualified professional and with a team of friends, also known as allied health professionals, there is nothing we can't work around.


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