Who is Nats Levi?

I am a 6' 2 Fitness Guru and Fitness Rockstar.... now, but I wasn't always this way. 


A very shy, introverted and lanky girl growing up, movement was not something naturally in my physical skill set. 

I just knew i loved the feeling that came from working out-  the strength, the confidence, the empowerment.

Achieving things physically through movement and training gave me a self belief like no other- a confidence I could overcome anything.


I am a teacher  by qualification, but health and fitness is my passion. As well as a Bachelor of Science and Graduate Diploma in Teaching, I hold  my Cert III and IV in Fitness.   My love of health and fitness started with the group fitness phenomenon that is Les Mills –  Fitness became a lifestyle and job for me.

My commitment to my health and well-being has not only  been an investment  professionally but also served me in "darker" times . 


Whilst I have always been a health role model, I have not always made lifestyle choices that served my body in healthy ways.  These choices saw my hormonal system crash and my body fight back from a syndrome known as "Female Athlete Triad". I ran my body into an exhausted state in which my systems shut down and "crashed" . This forced me to take a hard, long look into my lifestyle. I introspectively had to decipher my unique code to health- how i can alter the levers of nutrition, movement and rest to achieve not only the fitness I desire, but  the health I craved.

Movement, nourishing my body and restorative processes are the keys to my best health and helping other women unlock theirs has become my passion. I truly believe every woman has a unique combination of these factors and once she discovers them- ultimate health is hers.

EVERY woman deserves to feel strong, empowered and unstoppable.

"Love life and it will love you back."



New Zealand


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